Environmental Impact Statement



ITS auto’s are a company that takes the environment and our affect on the climate and our immediate surroundings seriously. ITS autos continuously looks at ways of improving its systems and methods to reduce its carbon footprint and help others to reduce theirs as well. We stand by the side of Toyota and harmonise with its environmental challenges which have heavily influenced our approach to a greener more economical business.




ITS autos has joined the renewable revolution, our commercial premises supplier uses 100% renewable electricity provided by independent renewable generators, and uses 100% carbon neutral gas.

We stream line the way we use our energy by ensuring that we turn our energy consumers off when not being used, and only using what we need when we need it.



ITS autos recycles using a comprehensive recycling scheme, reducing the amount sent to landfill. All of our garage oil waste is taken by a company who pride their selves on offering Waste Oil Recycling services. Our waste metal is easily recycled at our local plants and tyres are taken and shredded for up-cycling. ITS autos will promote a digital service to all of its customers to stay green and keep it on the screen, the paperless option will be our preferred method.




We are heavily involved in the reduction of the amount of fuel we use as part of our day to day work. We are a Toyota, Lexus and Hybrid Specialist. The Hybrid Technology that is available from Toyota and Lexus is and has been the best Automotive Hybrid Technology for the last 25 years leading the way in the reduction of C02 via emissions. (Toyotas Global Challenge 2050)

Make your interest in Hybrid Technology known at ITS autos and your expectations will be exceeded.

We offer Vehicle Efficiency Checks for (All Makes and Models) of Petrol, Diesel to Hybrid vehicles. Let us carry out an Efficiency Report on your vehicle and inform you of ways that we can make it more fuel efficient, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and reducing your personal carbon impact on the environment. Let everyone be responsible for their contribution to a sustainable planet for the future.


Greener Supply


ITS autos is an end user of Toyota’s refined eco work process, in being so we promote responsible purchasing and sourcing to stay environmentally friendly all throughout the supply chain.




ITS autos focus on staying as green as possible and reducing our carbon footprint, which aligns with our commitment to promote Hybrid and Emissions Controlled Motoring.