ITS autos offer MOTs on all makes and model across Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties

MOT Information

Trust ITS autos to MOT test your vehicle ensuring that your vehicle is safe on the road for another year.


Why Choose ITS Autos for your vehicles annual MOT inspection?


We want your Return Custom!  We pride ourselves on Trust and Transparency!


With 42 years combined motor trade experience we can transfer our knowledge to your MOT inspection. We will report to you in a clear and transparent way while testing your vehicle by the standards set by DVSA. These standards need to be met for the vehicle to be legally allowed to drive on the road. MOT modernisation is here, please enquire for any MOT advice you need.


MOT tests are booked by appointment online or over the phone on (01908) 046916


ITS autos offer MOT Appointments Monday to Friday with appointments available from 9am until 4.30pm. MOT tests are also available on Saturday mornings from 9am until 12pm.


We offer a wide range of services to assist these available time slots working for you such as:


•  Waiting Appointments
•  Free Drop to the Shops (MK1)
•  Taxi on Call


ITS autos MOT Class 4 Vehicles – prices starting from £45.00
*17.96% Discount from the DVSA’s RRP of £54.85 saving you £9.85*

ITS autos MOT offer you a:


•  FREE 10 Day Re-test

ITS autos offer a FREE partial retest even if you take your vehicle elsewhere to be repaired


•  FREE MOT Check Expiry Date

If you are unsure about when your MOT is due or post dating your MOT then please enquire


•  FREE MOT Reminder service

After your first ITS autos MOT you can take advantage of our FREE MOT service reminder


•  FREE MOT Advice

MOT modernisation is here, please enquire for any MOT advice you need

ITS autos After MOT extras:


•  FREE Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR)

ITS autos like to deal with the facts of the condition of your vehicle backed up with photographic or video evidence and detailed explanations of legal requirements and advisories.


•  Post MOT FREE levels check

ITS autos offer a FREE fluid level check where we will check all accessible fluid levels and your road wheel tyre pressures as part of your regular maintenance checks


You can visit the government based website for all DVSA regulations and information regarding the MOT test and its procedures. There is plenty of information to help you to prepare for an MOT and to understand “What, Why, Where and When.”

DVSA MOT check sheet – take a look at the areas of your vehicle that get inspected on an MOT test, these checks are set by the governing body of vehicle safety DVSA.


You can download the checklist here: mot-inspection-checklist-vt29

You do not have to get your vehicle repaired at the MOT test station that it was tested at. We recommend that you look at and discuss with you MOT station any outcomes you have from your MOT test before making any decisions.

We are all very experienced MOT testers and highly qualified technicians at ITS autos. Our experience is backed up by a catalogue of recognised qualifications backed by the government and governing bodies for the standards of road safety. We use ATL test lanes to ensure your vehicles MOT test can be completed in a timely manor.

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