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ITS autos offer car tuning and remapping on all makes and model across Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties

ITS autos Tuning and Re-mapping Information

Here at ITS-Tuning we provide ECU Remapping solutions to cater to the needs of all vehicle users, from individuals drivers like you and I, too small and medium size businesses, all the way to large fleets of vehicles.We offer a large range of tuning that can save fuel, save money, save time and save the planet by reducing Carbon Dioxide CO2 emissions. We also provide tuning that will increase drivability satisfaction, driving performance and increase driving pleasure.

We have listed our services and their benefits and will guide you to receive the maximum benefit most from your chosen upgrade. If we have not listed an upgrade or feature you desire, contact us to let us know your needs.

Prices and Recommendations

Spend some money on a remap and save a lot more in the long term! Save 25% on a ITS-Tuning remap. Was £400, now only £299!


Keep Saving!
Save Fuel!
Save Money!
Save the Planet!


When you are satisfied with your own remap you can make yourself some extra money by using our recommendation scheme. You earn £50 cash to share between you and your recommended family or friend, on completion of their remap/upgrade. No limitations on the amount of recommendations. Terms & Conditions apply and can be found here: https://www.itsautos.co.uk/faqs/

What is re-mapping?

Re-mapping is an adjustment to improve the vehicles standard engine control software or ‘Calibration  Map’. As vehicles are mass produced for global consumption the ECU software ‘Map’ is set to a standard default setting, these restricted set of parameters are designed to suit global regions, they are so restricted that a lot of compromises to performance have to be made.


ITS Tuning safely modify the operating parameters of the vehicles software ‘map’ to optimise performance by increasing power and torque and for diesels enhanced fuel economy as well, all to within the vehicles limits. Every vehicle will have its own unique map written based off the calibration software number and by doing so we can fine tune the characteristics of the engine control software to your requested driving style.


Using the latest in remapping and tuning technology we access vehicle software via the vehicles ‘On Board Diagnostic’ (OBD). In some cases we remove the Engine Control Unit (ECU) and carry out the modification directly using special adaptors on the bench in a controlled environment.

Why get a re-map?

ITS Tuning can re-map your vehicle to allow you to benefit from hidden performance locked away within your engine control unit. The improved performance includes overall torque and power increase, delivered by an enhanced rev range and widened power band. Improved throttle response leads to an improved engine response under acceleration, with a smoother power delivery.


Additional torque at the lower end of the rev range will yield a fuel saving by the demand for less throttle input to maintain speeds. Tuning allows you to drive in a higher gear at a slower speeds helping to significantly reduce fuel consumption when your vehicle is fully laden, towing or on a steep gradient and even in start stop traffic. During normal driving you should also see an increase in your MPG, which in turn decreases the cost at the fuel pump and reduces your carbon footprint, every ones a winner!

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