ITS autos offer multiple brake repairs on all makes and model across Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties.


All areas of the car must be safe but one of the most important areas that is necessary to regularly inspect and maintain is the vehicles braking system. All modern day cars have a service brake that is hydraulically operated. Vehicles braking can be split into sections, Hydraulics, Mechanical Parts and Electronic Controlled Systems.

Brake Fluid

Hydraulic brakes contain a special hydroscopic fluid known as brake fluid, Toyota and Lexus use a DOT4 grade. Brake fluid has a regular service interval and is replaced as part of Inclusive Full service and Inclusive Major service. It is also replaced as part of a Classic Full service. ITS autos use a service interval of 2 years or 20,000 miles for brake fluid replacements.  The brake fluid is contained in metal or plastic pipes and rubber flexi hoses, all pipes and hoses are visibly condition checked on every inspection for security, damage, wear, deformation, cracks, kinks, corrosion, leaks and twists. If the brake fluid level is low, an inspection for brake fluid leaks and brake pad wear is required. After repair or replacement we adjust the brake fluid level in the reservoir as required.


£ Non Hybrid vehicles £65.00 Fixed Price, Genuine Parts, Fitted, Inc VAT


£ Hybrid vehicles £75.00 Fixed Price, Genuine Parts, Fitted, Inc VAT

Parking Brakes

Mechanical parking brakes all have cable and a lever to operate, if there is too much travel in the lever the parking brake cables may need tightening or adjusting or inspecting for faults. The efficiency and balance of both left and right side of the parking brake system can be checked on a brake test machine.


Some electronically controlled parking brakes use a button for operation and a motor or pair of motors to operate the system.


£ Across the range £45 Fixed Price, Adjustment, Inc VAT

Brake Pads and Discs

Brake pads and discs are inspected at every opportunity. Brake pads start their life with on average between 9.5 to 11mm of lining. The legal minimum limit of a brake pad lining is 1.5mm by DVSA MOT standards. The brake pads can be measured and all findings put into a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR).


The brake disc thickness can be measured using a micrometer, the measured thickness is recorded on the VIR and compared to the manufacturers minimum recommended standards, an evaluation of how long the disc brakes will last with regard to their current thickness can then be made.


Brake discs can also become faults when they overheat, the disc brake can warp and deform out of shape causing brake judder or brake fade, this is a good reason to replace the disc brakes. It is always recommended to fit new brake pad linings when fitting new brake discs. Brake disc judder can be measured using a tool called a DTI gauge this is a Dial Test Indicator that measures disc run out, the maximum tolerance is 0.15mm


*Brake repair prices vary depending on the required repair combination please enquire for a no obligation quote. NB – we are working towards displaying a full list of brake repairs.


Fixed Price Brake Repairs.

£ Brake Pads Starting from £61.15 – Fixed Price, Genuine Parts, Fitted, Inc VAT (Model Dependant Please enquire with ITS autos)

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are used on the rear of some vehicles. The drum brake contains the rear shoes which is an alternative style of brake pad lining that operates from both the rear service brake and the parking brake onto the inner face of a drum. The rear shoes and drum and the interior hydraulics and mechanics of rear drum style brakes are visually and operationally checked on every ITS Inclusive Full service and every Inclusive Major service as well as every Classic Full service. 


*Brake repair prices vary depending on the required repair.


Fixed Price Brake Repairs.

£ Brake Pads Starting from £61.15 – Fixed Price, Genuine Parts, Fitted, Inc VAT (Model Dependant Please enquire with ITS autos)

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