Diesel Economy Remap

ITS autos offer Diesel Economy Remaps across Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties

Diesel Economy Remap

ITS autos tuning of turbo charged diesel engines see the best gains in power, torque and fuel economy. The popular diesel engine is under scrutiny for being not as friendly for the environment as some of the later advances in automotive technology such as Hybrid and Electric vehicles.


Diesel does however suit alot of driver’s needs that other fuel types cannot deliver such as:Middle and Longer Distance Driving, Vans, Trucks and Light Commercial Vehicles, MPV’s, 4×4’s, and Vehicles that Tow.


ITS autos remapping will increase your diesel fuelled vehicles performance by:


• Improved fuel economy, saving money at the pump and reducing your carbon footprint
• Smoother power delivery through a larger power band
• Increased levels of brake horse power (Bhp)
• Increased levels of Torque allowing the vehicle to pull better in higher gears (Nm)
• Better throttle response for safer over taking
• Better throttle response for pulling away from roundabouts and junctions


Remapping for fuel economy is our most popular style of map customisation, it works by improving the efficiency and power of the engine to make the engine work less hard. Individuals are keeping their household bills down by saving money at the fuel pumps with a more economical engine. Small business owners and even fleet managers all feel the benefit of a reduced fuel consumption saving them money on their fuel budget.

How its obtained

Optimised fuel efficiency is achieved by firstly prioritising the improvement of lower end torque and widening the power-band as far as possible. Less throttle pedal input is required to maintain cruising speeds, when fully laden or when on a gradient. The vehicle will be more comfortable in higher gears at slower speeds, requiring fewer gear changes overall. Typically gains in fuel efficiency are between 8-10% on most diesel vehicles. A combination of these factors with an adjustment to your driving style to make the most of the extra low end torque will show an improvement in fuel consumption. Savings could be up to as much as 20%, our economy remapping is most effective on turbo-diesel engines.


ITS autos guarantee our custom remapping software upgrades with a no dispute 30 day money back guarantee.


We do not over inflate our performance (Bhp) or (Nm) figures or fuel saving (MPG) figures.


We will advise you of the limitations of your vehicle and if you’re tuning expectations will have minimal advantages we will let you know.

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