Engine Repairs

ITS autos offer Engine repairs on all makes and model across Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties.

Engine Repairs

ITS autos can diagnose and repair any engine related issue that you may have. Using our diagnostic process as outlined above (see Diagnostics) we will find the cause of any engine problem. Engines are monitored by sensors that report back to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) detecting most monitored faults. The engine ECU will log a fault code to assist with locating the area at fault to diagnose. Mechanical engine faults do not always produce a fault code and require original mechanical diagnostic skills, knowledge and equipment.


Regular ITS autos servicing and maintenance while using high quality grade oils and parts will help to prevent engine wear and engine faults occurring. Engine diagnostics and repairs may be required if your vehicles engine produces any of the following symptoms: difficulty starting or keeping the engine running, poor MPG, rough engine idling or abnormal engine noise such as knocking and rattling, cooling system overheating or excessive engine oil consumption, lack of power and poor engine performance are amongst the faults that could occur with or without a warning light being illuminated to alert you to a fault. It is recommended that if any fault was to occur, it is best to book in at ITS autos for us to diagnose any issues at the earliest convenience to prevent any unnecessary damage.


Engine repair prices vary depending on any parts required and model type, please enquire for a no obligation quote.

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