Modification Tuning

ITS autos offer modification tuning and remapping on all makes and model across Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties

Modification Tuning

Crackle (Pop & Bang) Maps


Burble and crackle overrun maps are common place on top end performance vehicles as original now. By altering combustion event timing we at ITS-Tuning can recreate this crackle and burble noise for your vehicle.


Long Cranking for Hot & Cold Start


Some vehicles suffer with long cranking before the vehicle starts this can be due to poor mechanical design, blocked injectors or a manufacturer software issue, we can provide a remap solution for you.


Reset to Original – DPF and EGR


Some vehicles have been modified by having the DPF or EGR mechanically modified as well as a modification in Engine Control Software to stop any warning lights coming on. Your vehicle may require some mechanical and software repair work to get your vehicle back to the original factory condition. We can provide a no obligation quote for a  solution for you and your vehicle.


Speed Limiter / V-max Removal


Speed Limiter / Velocity Max Removal – 155mph, 250kph are common limiters, including vans / motorhomes / horseboxes all having factory or dealer preset limiters which can be removed (pre-check your tyres are speed rated to cope, please consult if unsure) If your vehicle has the internal speed limiter enabled we can remove or disable this via the OBD. Typically the limiters are stored in either the EEPROM or the internal/external flash depending on ECU Type.


Launch Control


Launch control is an electronic assistance to help stabalise vehicles when pulling away from a standing start with maximum acceleration while optimising traction for the perfect grip. This can only be added to certain ECU types, please enquire with your interest.


Rear Lambda O2 Sensor


Adjustment for sports catalysts can be done for catalyst efficiency monitoring errors.


Sports Gauge Recalibration


Adjustment to reflect the new parameters of the ECU, if you vehicle has a sports gauge after a stage1 or stage2 remap.


ITS autos guarantee our custom remapping software upgrades with a no dispute 30 day money back guarantee.


We do not over inflate our performance (Bhp) or (Nm) figures or fuel saving (MPG) figures.


We will advise you of the limitations of your vehicle and if you’re tuning expectations will have minimal advantages we will let you know.

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