Diesel Combination Remap

ITS autos offer diesel combination remap across Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties

Diesel Combination Remap

Our most popular choice of Engine Re-mapping by far is a combination of Economy and Performance. You get the most out of you vehicle when you decide that you need it. If you need to put your foot down and get a response to help you on the road or want to cruise efficiently stop starting around town then this is the choice for you. Please enquire for an accurate quotation on the possible gains for your specific vehicle.


ITS autos guarantee our custom remapping software upgrades with a no dispute 30 day money back guarantee.


We do not over inflate our performance (Bhp) or (Nm) figures or fuel saving (MPG) figures.


We will advise you of the limitations of your vehicle and if you’re tuning expectations will have minimal advantages we will let you know.

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