The team at ITS autos have put together their years of engineering knowledge to hopefully answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions.


ITS autos uses genuine Toyota and Lexus parts. We use high quality oils grade specific to your vehicle. We are a VAT registered company. This combination allows us to provide our services to our customer’s vehicles while not affecting the vehicles warranty as per block exemption regulation 2003. This regulation states that a VAT registered auto repairer that uses genuine parts and specified grade oils has the right to conduct business without affecting the manufacturer’s warranty on the vehicle in question.

Which Engine Oil Is Best For My Vehicle?


Engine oil choice is Key To Good Maintenance!


ITS autos only use high quality engine oils we use the vehicles specified grade and viscosity to maintain your engine. Please inquire for more information about your vehicles correct engine grade and quality.


Quality Grade Oils Provide:


Protection – The oil lubricates the engines moving parts to reduce friction and wear, properties in the oil extract heat caused by friction of moving parts helping to maintain your engines optimum operating temperature and efficiency.


Efficiency & Performance – The correct grade of oil will maintain the highest engine compression with minimum resistance allowing for maximum performance with an efficient engine that leaves you more miles in the tank.


Reliability – Quality engine oils have a low ash content that reduces carbon build up within the engine and engine components, quality oils also contain corrosion neutralising properties that also help in reducing wear and complications.


Cheap or incorrect engine oil quality grades can cause:


Premature engine wear
Premature engine component wear
High levels of carbon build up
High engine oil consumption
Low engine efficiency and performance
Poor starting


Quality Oils are graded by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)


Toyota and Lexus vehicles can use the following API grade oils.


SL Energy-Conserving
SM Energy-Conserving
SN Resource-Conserving




(International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee) Certification Mark is added to quality oil containers to help you select the oil you should use.


Toyota and Lexus passenger vehicles all use either SAE  0W-20 (SL or SM) or SAE 5W-30. These oils are used to allow for the best fuel economy and ensure good starting in cold conditions.


The oil grading can be translated in two sections. The first section is 0W or 5W this relates to the oils viscosity rating, the lower value of the first digit before the W relates to a thinner oil allowing easier starting of the engine in cold conditions.


The Second section of the oil grading is either 20 or 30, this relates to the oils viscosity at running temperature. A higher value would be used for an engine operating at higher speeds or loads or a hotter running diesel fuelled engine.

What parameters do we adjust?


We adjust various parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (turbocharged engines) ignition advance and throttle pedal control, amongst others to release the true performance from the engine.


What is OBD Remapping?


OBD remapping is simply engine tuning, or engine remapping carried out via the use of the vehicles on board diagnostic port (OBD2).


What is an ECU Engine Control Unit?


The ECU or Engine Control Unit could be described as the vehicles ‘brain’ it contains a processor and software ‘map’ that takes information from the vehicles sensors and passes its decision to command actuators to control the engine as per the requests and demands of the driver.


Why does a manufacturer set their software ‘map’ to a standard default setting?


Default software has to take into account the operating conditions for the region of the vehicle, including varying climates, temperatures and altitudes, emission laws as well as various quality of fuel standards.


Buying / Selling / Resetting to Original 


If you are buying a vehicle with remapped software or are selling a remapped vehicle and want it set back to original factory standard then we can provide this service for you. Software or Hardware modifications to any vehicle usually add value as well as performance.


Will remapping invalidate my vehicle’s warranty?


Remapping vehicle software is not something that can often be detected by main dealer diagnostic capabilities. The upgrades we provide will not cause any failure to your vehicles components, as we do not over tune. If a main dealer overwrites you’re map and sets it back to original standard due to any warranty work or a warranty recall then we will happily re-install your remapped software for free for as long as you are the owner of the vehicle.


Should I inform my insurance company?


We advise that as insurance often states you must notify of any modifications then you should notify them that you have had your vehicles engine software modified. Most insurance companies will not raise their premium especially if it is a remap for economy.


Alternative Tuning modifications


There are a lot of cheap and nasty tuning options available on the internet from cheap downloads to power increase modules that you can plug into your OBD with over quoted gains in performance. The old saying you get what you pay for is the key here! The plug in modifications often just trick your vehicle into thinking it is running cold to fire in extra fuel or bump up the fuel pressure signal. This is not an economical way of increasing performance as all the other parameters are not tuned. With a full custom remap a large quantity of parameters are adjusted and tuned together to alter hundreds of signals and data files from the ECU to the engines actuators and sensors.

Tuning Recommend a Friend T&Cs


Recommend a Friend or Family Member by using the Tuning specific contact form which can be found here: https://www.itsautos.co.uk/contact-tuning/


  • You must be 18 years or over to receive cash credit from ITS-Tuning.
  • ITS-Tuning pays cash to a recommender and credits the recommended friend with the offer payment for each qualifying recommendation 30 days following the completion of the Re-map.
  • We may change, extend or withdraw this offer at any time and without letting you know.
  • This offer cannot be used along with any other cash rewards offers.
  • You can not recommend yourself for ITS-Tuning.
  • Only one contact form per recommendation. Each new recommendation needs a new form to process the credits correctly using unique identification codes.
  • The Re-map or Modification must be completed within 90 days from the date the recommendation form was submitted.


Recommended a Friend, to qualify for this offer follow the steps below:


Step 1: Provide us with your details on a contact form at https://www.itsautos.co.uk/contact-tuning/:


Name, Registration Number, E-mail Address and Phone Number, Interested Style of Re-map. Choose the style of upgrade you are interested in with any comments and we will create a first draft of a blue print for you vehicles Re-map / Upgrade.


Step 2: We will email you with details of the possible gains for your chosen recommended re-map based on the registration number supplied along with a no obligation quote and a unique reference number to forward to your friend or family member.


Step 3: Prompt your Friend or Family member to contact us with their unique reference number. We will then mutually agree on a convenient time to carry out the Re-map / Upgrade and complete a booking.


Step 4: On completion of the Re-map / Upgrade, ITS-Tuning will 30 days later make a payment of £25.00 to you and your recommended friend / family member by BACS or PayPal or Apple Pay. Keep recommending to keep claiming your credits, see limitations in ‘payment conditions’.


Payment Conditions


5:   If all the conditions above are met ITS-Tuning will pay the recommender and credit the recommended friend’s account with the offer payment amount within 30 days.


6:   The amount of the payment will depend on the offer applying at the time we receive the correctly completed online recommendation form.


7:   There is no limit to the number of friends / family that can be recommended, each completed lead will qualify for a payment if they meet the stipulated terms and conditions. We can only pay the recommender for the first 5 eligible recommendations they make in any one tax year.


8:   If more than one person submits a form recommending for the same friend / family member then ITS-Tuning will only pay the person on the first form that was submitted and completed.


9:   If the recommender or recommended friend / family member hold any debt with ITS-Tuning or ITS Autos or have been disqualified from the recommendation scheme, they will not qualify for this offer.


10:   The recommended friend / family member have the right to remove their Re-map under our 30 day guarantee. Any payments of recommendation will not be paid in this case.


Note Current MPG –
Inspect All Pedals Condition, Security, Pedal Components, Rubbers, Springs, Pedal Heights
Check Brake Pedal Servo Operation
Check Brake Nosie / Feel of Brakes
Check Clutch for Operation Adjustment or Slipping
Inspect Condition and Security of Interior Mirror and Sun Visors
Check Horn Function and Laudness
Check Interior Lights
Check Interior Switches for Security and Operation, Hazzard, Lights, Wipers
Inspect Parking Brake Lever Security and Travel
Inspect Seat Belt Condition, Buckles, Seat Belt Warning System
Check Steering Wheel Security and Free Play
Check Warning Lights for Presence at Ignition and Warning light Fault Indication
Check Washers for Operation, Direction, Power, Leaks
Check Wipers Clear Screen, Security and Condition
Check Floor mats for security / Eyelet Condition
Inspect Cabin Air Filter
Check Cabin Heating System and Settings
Check Funtionality of AC / Climate System
Inspect Seats for Security and Condition of the Seat Adjustments
Check Presence of Jack and Wheel Brace
Inspect Condition of Spare Tyre / Space Saver / Puncture Inflation Kit



Check Exterior Lights
Check Security of Door Mirrors
Check Security and Condition of Front and Rear Number Plates
Check Security and Condition of Reflectors
Check Alarm Operation
Check Fuel Cap Locking, Seal and Operation of Fuel Flap
Inspect Windscreen, Glass and Light Lenses for Condition and Security
Inspect & Report on Condition of Body Work, Dents, Scratches, Chips, Rust, Corrosion, Other
Check Vehicle Locking Security and Door Handle Operation
Check Funtion of Key Fob and Keyless Entry
Check Gas Struts for Tailgate
Check Headlamp Aim
Inspect Tow Bar and Tow Bar Electrics



Check Condition of Bonnet Latch and Secondary Security Latching System
Adjust Bonnet Stops to Allow Bonnet to Open
Inspect Bonnet Stay / Gas Struts
Check Auxiliary Battery and Report on Health Check
Inspect Auxiliary Battery for Leaks, Security and Terminals
Inspect Rubber Drive Belts and Tensioners for Deterioration
Inspect Radiator and Condenser for Leaks and Condition
Inspect Air Filter
Clean Airflow Meter (EuroIV 1KD and 2KD Engines)
Inspect Spark Plugs Platinum and Iridium
Check All Fluids for Leaks and Correct Levels
Check Engine Coolant / Antifreeze Strength
Check Hybrid Inverter Coolant
Inspect Water Pump for Leaks and Abnormal Noises
Check Engine Oil Level (note if below minimum for consumption monitoring)
Inspect Air Induction Pipes for Condition and Security
Inspect Condition of PCV and Crankcase Ventilation Hoses and Pipes
Inspect Vacume Pump and Hoses Replacement due (10 Years or 120K)
Check EGR System and Inspect Hoses
Carry Out Diesel Smoke Test
Check for Abnormal Engine Noise
Check Auxilary Driven Components for Abnormal Noises



Check and Adjust Gear Cables ( MT Adjust EC6X, EB6X, EA6X )
Check Clutch Fluid
Inspect Manual Transmission Oil (40K or 4 Years)
Check AT / CVT Oil Level every (40K or 4 Years)
GT86 Check Oil Level Every (20K) / Replace AT Transmission Oil (5 Years or 60K)
Inspect Transfer Box Oil (4 Years or 40K)
Inspect Front Diff Oil (2 Years 20K)
Inspect Rear Diff Oil (2 Years 20K)
Inspect Front Diff Oil RAV4 Hybrid AWD (40K)
Inspect Rear Diff Oil RAV4 Hybrid AWD (30K)
Inspect GT86 Rear Diff Oil (3 Years 30K)
Inspect Prop Shaft Joints for Play
Tighten Prop Shaft Bolts Hilux and Land Cruiser 4WD
Inspect / Tighten Drive Shaft Nuts, and (Bolts RAV4)



Inspect Steering Rack Security
Inspect Steering Joints for Free Play
Inspect Steering Column for Operation, Noise and Free Play
Inspect Steering Shafts for Noise, Free Play and Condition of U/J
Inspect Steering Rack Gaitor Condition and Security
Inspect Steering Arm Bushes and Bolts
Inspect for Steering Fluid Leaks
Inspect Drive Shaft Gaitors
Inspect Front Suspension Bushes and Ball Joints and Dust Covers
Inspect Front Suspension for Security and Leakage
Inspect Rear Suspension Bushes and Ball Joints and Dust Covers
Inspect Rear Suspension for Security and Leakage
Inspect Tyres Condition, Punctures and Tread
Check and Adjust Tyre Pressures
Check Tyre Valves
Check Wheel Bearings
Inspect wheels / Alloys / Steel
Check Condition and Presence of Wheel Trims and Centre Caps
Torque Tighten Wheel Nuts and Bolts



Inspect Brake Pads and Discs Condition and Wear (Measurements)
Inspect Brake Shoes and Linings and Parking Brake Shoes
Inspect Brake Fluid Condition (Hydroscopic Fluid)
Inspect Brake Lining and Drums
Inspect Brake Pipes and Joints
Inspect Parking Brake Cables and Calliper Levers
Check Fuel Lines Condition and Leakage
Inspect Charcoal Canister 2 Years 30K (Aygo 60K)
Inspect Exhaust Catalyst and DPF
Inspect Exhaust System Condition, Security and Leakage
Check Exhaust and Catalys / DPF Heat Shields for Security and Condition
Check Engine Mounts for Security, Leakage and Condition
Check Condition of the Nuts and Bolts of the Chassis and Body
Check Brake Booster Vacume Pump for Replacement 10 Years or 120K



Road Test and Further Report
Road Test for Wheel Balance, Steering Pull, General Performance and Power, Abnormal Noises
Re-check All Levels
Re-check for Fluid Leaks- Underside and Engine Bay

Prepared or Preparing for an MOT?


You can visit the government based website: MOTtesting.org.uk for all DVSA regulations and information regarding the MOT test and its procedures. There is plenty of information to help you to prepare for an MOT and to understand What, Why, Where and When.


What gets checked on an MOT?


DVSA MOT check sheet – take a look at the areas of your vehicle that get inspected on an MOT test, these checks are set by the governing body of vehicle safety DVSA.


You can download the checklist here: mot-inspection-checklist-vt29


Repair Obligations


You do not have to get your vehicle repaired at the MOT test station that it was tested at. We recommend that you look at and discuss with you MOT station any outcomes you have from your MOT test before making any decisions.


Qualifications & Equipment


We are all very experienced MOT testers and highly qualified technicians at ITS autos. Our experience is backed up by a catalogue of recognized qualifications backed by the government and governing bodies for the standards of road safety. We use ATL test lanes to ensure your vehicles MOT test can be completed in a timely manor.

IMO/ARC Car Wash T&Cs

Terms and conditions:


  • This voucher entitles the bearer to a Free Wash 3 / Triple foam car wash or Free Wash 3 Triple Foam with Express Valet and must be presented upon arrival to IMO/ARC to redeem the offer, either printed or shown on a smart device.
  • Open to all UK residents aged 17 or over, except employees and their immediate families of the promoter, their agents and anyone else professionally connected with the promotion.
  • The use of this voucher is subject to the availability of the car wash facility and no cash or alternative offer is available.
  • The voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.
  • The vouchers and codes are not transferable for cash, and have a nominal cash value of 0.00001p.
  • It must not be sold and cannot be used for any other purpose.
  • Only 1 wash per person on production of the voucher.
  • The voucher must shown in either printed or electronic form to claim the discount.
  • Vouchers that been photographed or copied will not be accepted.
  • Use of the car wash facility will be under the terms and conditions of IMO/ARC.
  • IMO/ARC will not be responsible for any wash facility subsequently declining the voucher.
  • Anduff reserves the right to terminate the promotion at any time.
  • The promoter: Anduff car wash limited.

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