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ITS autos offer race and show tuning and remapping on all makes and model across Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties

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Tuning files Stage 1


Tuning the Engine Control Units parameters to gain extra performance and / or MPG without replacing any hardware is what classifies a stage 1 remap.


Tuning files Stage 2


A stage 2 remap is carried out after the vehicle has had mechanical modifications. To ensure the full capability of the mechanical upgrades, the engine ECU software should be carefully reprogrammed to unlock the full potential of the mechanical modification.Stage 2 mechanical modifications often alter the way the engine will run meaning the original parameters held in the ECU will no longer be relevant to the mechanical tuning of the engine, without remapping the parameters at this point will cause the engine to run inefficiently.


Mechanical modifications for a Stage 2 remap can include engine, intake, or free flowing exhaust modifications, high flow air filters and re-profiled camshafts.Additional stage 2 remap adjustments to advancing ignition timing with the usage of a higher octane fuel can further increase performance. The use of a higher octane fuel is necessary to avoid pre-ignition at this tuning level.


ITS autos guarantee our custom remapping software upgrades with a no dispute 30 day money back guarantee.


We do not over inflate our performance (Bhp) or (Nm) figures or fuel saving (MPG) figures.


We will advise you of the limitations of your vehicle and if you’re tuning expectations will have minimal advantages we will let you know.

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