Hybrid Efficiency Check (HEC)

ITS autos provide a Hybrid Efficiency Check (HEC) that comprises of a Full Visual Inspection and a Data Analysis of your Toyota / Lexus Hybrid Systems parameters.


Every ITS Toyota / Lexus Hybrid service includes a free HEC that provides you with the current status of your vehicles Hybrid System. Over multiple services we can further analyse your data to advise you of your Hybrid Systems condition and health.


ITS autos analyse your Toyota / Lexus Hybrid data under the various conditions that your Hybrid system will be used. By analysing this data we can monitor the batteries health as it constantly charges and discharges over each driving cycle. Toyota has developed the world’s most advanced vehicle hybrid technology and its reliability is outstanding.

The HV battery optimum temperature is 10 to 45 degrees centigrade; a warm battery can deliver more power. Keeping the temperature of the battery is of paramount importance. The HV-battery cooling system will maintain battery temperatures between 20 and 50 degrees centigrade by using warm air from the passenger cabin. Cooling off the HV battery is achieved by activating cooling fans on the battery pack.

The air used to heat and cool the HV-battery pack from the passenger cabin can contain dust and debris; the ducting and cooling fans can become clogged and cause less efficient battery discharge or overheating of the HV-battery due to blockage.


ITS autos recommend a Hybrid Pneumatic Cooling System Service should be carried out every 30,000 miles consisting of removal and cleaning of the ducting and HV-battery cooling system fan/s, fitment of the HV battery cooler fan filter/s.

ITS autos recommend A Toyota / Lexus Hydraulic Hybrid Cooling System Service should be carried out every 100,000 miles and there after every 50,000 miles. Inverter coolant replaced, engine coolant replaced, inverter electric coolant pump active test and visual inspection, engine coolant pump active test and a full system visual inspection and report.

Terms and Conditions for ITS Hybrid Efficiency Check (HEC)


What is the ITS autos Hybrid Efficiency Check (HEC)?


ITS autos Hybrid Efficiency Check (HEC) is a visual inspection and an analysis of the vehicles technical data designed to create a customer report to indicate the current state of health of the Toyota or Lexus Hybrid System. It does not provide an extension of warranty or guarantee or any prevention of future faults.


Pre-existing faults


The vehicle should be presented in a fault free condition. If the vehicle does have any existing faults they should be diagnosed and repaired before the HEC is carried out. If the vehicles technical data displays that the vehicles diagnostic codes have recently been erased, the vehicle should be rebooked after a further 500 miles have been covered. Fault codes may be erased if the Auxiliary Battery is disconnected or has discharged. These conditions should be met to give a true and accurate analysis of the hybrid system.

Terms and Conditions for ITS autos Hybrid Battery Reconditioning




If the hybrid battery fails to perform within the guaranteed period and requires consequent repairs, the customer is entitled within the framework of the terms and conditions of the guarantee following diagnostic analysis and investigation to confirm the fault and condition of the vehicle, to have the battery repaired / reconditioned free of charge from parts and labour. The term of the guarantee remains as first agreed on the original repair.


Exempt from claim


No claims for the refund of costs can be made against:

Recovery of a broken down vehicle, accommodation and hotel costs, parking costs, clamping or parking fines, deprivation of use, postage or delivery costs or any other direct or indirect consequence.


No claims can be made on the basis of damage caused by:

Weather including storms, lightning, earthquakes and flooding, explosions or fire.
As a result of a vehicle accident or collision or impact / external force applied on the vehicle.
Any additional outsourced work by a third party during the guaranteed period.
Intentional or negligent behaviour, use of unsuitable fuels and lubricants, towing weights exceeded past the manufacturers guidelines, water ingress, corrosion or contaminated fluids.


Conditions of the guarantee


The guarantee will only be valid if the following conditions are met, without prejudice.
1/ The guarantee only covers the HV Battery as reconditioned, no other component of the Hybrid System will be covered by the guarantee.
2/ HV battery fan and pneumatic cooling system must be in a serviceable condition, not evidence of foreign objects contaminating the faulted area or causing a fault with the HV battery.


Alternative methods of guarantee


Could you and your vehicle benefit from a Toyota Hybrid Battery Extended Care? We can check to see if your vehicle qualifies for Toyota’s extended hybrid battery care, and if you as a consumer could benefit.