Advanced Driver Assistance System – ADAS

ITS autos offer Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) repairs on all makes and model across Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties.

Advanced Driver Assistance System – ADAS

Newer model Toyota and Lexus vehicles use various styles of sensors to allow the vehicle to perceive its surroundings. Vehicle behaviour is monitored by the vehicles advanced control system. Vehicle speed sensors, Lidar, Radar, GPS and Inertia readings are all continuously calculated via the advanced control system to identify road signs and signals, to identify obstacles and to route correct driving paths, improving safety on the roads through assisted driving.


Some of the features of assisted driving include:


LKA – Lane Keeping Assistance, this is a feature that can monitor the vehicle to assist that it stays in its lane, if the vehicle starts to move out of its lane without the driver signalling to do so, the vehicle will send an audible and visual warning to the driver as well as assist the steering sensitivity via the steering torque sensor. The driver must be ready to take control at all times.


ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control, this is a feature that drivers will be more familiar with, it is an upgraded version on the standard cruise control. The vehicles radar sensors monitor and adjust the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you. Distance adjustments are made by assisting braking or assisting accelerating if applicable. The driver must be ready to take control at all times.


IPA – Intelligent Park Assistance is a system that has been created to assist with parking in an available parking space by measuring its surroundings and assisting in the steering and parking manoeuvre. The driver does have to use the brake to control the speed at which the vehicle parks the car. The driver must be ready to take control at all times.


As technology advances the automation of vehicle control is a current and future part of vehicle repairs. ITS autos provide recognition camera programming required when removing or fitting the camera whether it is part of a windscreen replacement or a repair. ITS autos can carry out sensor set up and calibrations to assist with setting up these systems after body repairs or general repairs.


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