Steering and Suspension Repairs

ITS autos offer Steering and Suspension Repairs on all makes and model across Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties.

Steering and Suspension Repairs

A vehicles steering and suspension systems are connected, as they are largely moving components they assist in removing rough and bumpy road surfaces and deliver a smooth and controlled drive through movement and absorption, leaving them prone to wear. Worn steering and suspension parts can impact on other areas of vehicle safety such as braking didtances increasing and tyre wear as well as affected vehicle handling.


ITS autos can provide you with options for your steering or suspension repair. ITS autos always recommend using genuine parts. We have the flexibility and resources to provide you with OE quality vehicle part options, which is often cheaper. We will advise you on the requirement of a post work geometry check.


Steering and Suspension repair prices vary depending on any parts required and vehicle model type, please enquire for a no obligation quote. 

Geometry Check & Adjustment

Full 4 wheel Alignment Services (Geometry Check) are available to maintain good tyre condition. ITS autos recommend a geometry check after tyre replacement or if poor tyre wear is reported. All steering and suspension work should have a post work geometry inspection and adjustment to ensure the vehicles geometry is set up correctly as per the manufacturers specifications. Accident repair vehicles or vehicles that have hit pot holes or kerbs as well as off centred steering and vehicles that feel like they are pulling to one side or not are generally not handling well would be suited for a full geometry check and adjust. Some steering and suspension parts that are adjustable can corrode and seize not allowing for adjustment to take place. ITS autos will try our best to unseize and clean up these corroded areas but on some occasions this is not possible and further chargeable repairs will be required. As always we will provide you with a transparent report as to the Fault the Remedy and the Cost.


After an ITS autos wheel alignment has been performed, or if a Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) steering or suspension component has been removed or replaced ITS autos perform an initialisation procedure to calibrate the steering and suspensions electronically controlled system to allow it to function correctly. This is included in the fixed price of the geometry check and adjust.


£ Across the range £95.00 Fixed Price, Check and Adjustment Including VSC Calibration, Inc VAT – (TRADE DISCOUNT AVAILABLE)

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