ITS autos offer Exhaust repairs on all makes and model across Milton Keynes and the surrounding counties.


Vehicle exhaust systems channel exhaust fumes from the engine out to the rear of the vehicle, in built baffle plates reduce the noise created by the engine. The exhaust system is commonly made up of various sections held together with bolts or clamps and sealed by gaskets to stop fumes escaping under the vehicle. The exhausts system is commonly made from steel and gets very hot, so do not touch when hot as it may cause severe burns. Heat shields attached to the body and chassis of your vehicle deflect the heat away from fuel and brake lines and the fuel tank as well as any other vulnerable areas to heat.


Every ITS inspection checks the visible condition of the exhaust system for heavy corrosion, we check the exhaust hangers and connections for severe corrosion, leaks in the system or gaskets, any damage cracks, holes or loose supports. If you hear a change in the sound of your exhaust or notice an irregular smell of exhaust fumes we advise you to book into ITS autos for us to inspect and report on the condition of your exhaust system.


Exhaust repair prices vary depending on any parts required and model type, please enquire for a no obligation quote.

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